Why would a denim Brand call itself “Cup of Joe”?

One day, the navy secretary Josephus Daniels decided to resolve the mess on his ships by claiming:

“Any mind bender habits that would distract the navy from performing their main tasks will be banned”.

That day, along with many others, alcohol was banned from the fleet. Thus the cups started to fill with coffee, and the fleet sobered. Coffee then acquired a new name, “Cup of Joe”.

We think that today’ denim world is quite messy with confusing claims and the extravagant market prices.

We then decided to fill our cups with coffee, just to make the lives simpler for all of us. Would you care for one?


“Denim Way Of Pleasure”

For the past 30 years we have been inspired by the “pleasures of life” and produce for “pleasure”, as Denim for us is a work of pleasure.

Denim is essential in life. Just like a cup of coffee.

For that reason, we prefer to think simple. We solely offer the proper products at a reasonable price without any gratuitous details to displeasure you and ourselves. We keep things just as simple as making a cup of coffee.

Our mission is to add pleasure to denim. We share this pleasure with you everyday in many countries at numerous locations around the world.


“Vintage Denim Redesigned”

Denim does not age; it only evolves with time.

It carries the marks of our footsteps and the spirit of every moment. When the time comes, it is redesigned by the experts.

Over the years, it has reborn, and we have witnessed the evolution of the vintage denim.

Today, we complement yesterday with just a touch of modern trends: we redesign the vintage denim.